We provide our customers with the means to enjoy refinement, luxury and quality as part of their lifestyle. We teach people how to have a “Xibarita lifestyle”, that is; to know how to enjoy the gourmet Spanish culture as part of a way of life, where quality is highly appreciated. Such is done through a number of experiences.
Education and Experiences:
At Xibarita we are proud to offer an array of educational experiences.
We organize events to raise awareness of Spanish products such as:
• Wine tastings
Wine courses for beginners
Wine courses for veterans
Food pairing menus

Hiring the venue:
Our event facilities are of the highest quality and our service is friendly and attentive. Specialized in hosting small to medium sized events, this stylish venue is the perfect space for business events as well as private events, including commercial presentations, seminars, conferences, meetings, training workshops and more. A big screen composed of six ”46 inches” LCD can be found in the store, where information can be displayed on this screen through pictures and videos.

Xibarita-Sinan Mansions 35 Shanghai Central Fuxing Road, Unit 103, No.16, Lane 523, Luwan District, Shanghai 200021. P.R.C.   View map
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