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The name; XIBARITA is the combination of two words.The first word is in Chinese: XIBAN YA, meaning Spain. The second word is SI BA RI TA, it refers to people with refined gourmet tastes.

Xibarita is a new premium gourmet shop and wine bar concept with the aim to spread and educate Chinese consumers about the Spanish gastronomic culture.
Xibarita is different, a mix of wine bar and gourmet store, filled with the best culinary jewels and wines from Spain. It provides a space where one can enjoy moments of indulgence within a relaxed, nevertheless sophisticated ambiance. Xibarita also hosts select wine tastings and private events.
Beyond a brand however, Xibarita is a lifestyle proposition. Its biggest mission is to teach people how to be Xibarita.

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Xibarita-Sinan Mansions 35 Shanghai Central Fuxing Road, Unit 103, No.16, Lane 523, Luwan District, Shanghai 200021. P.R.C.   View map
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